Maternity photography

Expecting a baby is an exciting moment in every woman’s life. It a time for love and passion about new unborn baby even before they have met. The feeling of growing new life although often followed by pains and aches, makes every new mother glow and shine. And what a better time and way to capture the joy and excitement than maternity portrait session.
I have done this list to help you prepare better for this amazing adventure when we will be creating pictures for you and your family to treasure for lifetime.

How to Prepare for Maternity Portrait Session

1. Pick the best time
I recommend to schedule your session is between 31 and 36 weeks of your pregnancy. During that time, woman’s belly has a lovely round shape. The transformation of your body is both beautiful and in the same time interesting to capture on photos.

2. Your needs are unique
It’s a good idea to discuss with your photographer any ideas. If you have collected any maternity portrait examples, bring them to the session. There are so many great examples on the web: Pinterest or blogs. Even printed magazines or friend’s albums could be a source of inspiration. Visual examples are easy to understand and discuss.

3. Having company is fun
Don’t be afraid to bring your husband or older children to your session. If you plan to have them both, plan to have your children photographed first. Having others be part of your session allows the photographer to create more family like images and it is a great time for your older children to show the love for your unborn baby. Have some pictures taken just with your partner as well, more intimate maternity portraits

4. Clothing does matter
Choose two different outfits. I always suggest to my clients to come with two different options to a shoot. You will have two different looks. Always go with the casual and dressy option. Dress doesn’t necessarily mean suit and dress, but just something a little nicer that jeans and a fitted tee. Be careful to stay away from busy patterns as they can take away and sometimes hide your belly. Try to wear stretchy clothing to show off this gorgeous bump. Form-fitting clothes with a little stretch will compliment your figure rather than loose clothing.

5. Calm down and enjoy
This is the most important and yet most neglected advise I can give to my clients. Sure you will be excited and would do anything in your power to look great in your images, but if you are not relaxed or uneasy, then this will show into your final photographs. So take a mental not to yourself and plan to relax before the session. Try not to schedule anything to close of too hectic before the session. Pamper yourself with manicure and pedicure, have your hair and makeup done in a salon instead of you trying to do everything before the session. Taking a short nap is another way to feel relaxed and well rested.
Once in the studio and during the session, let the photographer take care of the details. Enjoying the moment and sinking into the excitement will make you look and feel great. This is all what the maternity portrait session is all about. You are beautiful and your maternal glow is amazing. It is great to be mother and you should enjoy every minute of it. You hired a qualified and skilled photographer. Let him take care of the photo shoot.