Kate Tutak Photography

Welcome to my website. I’m a professional Newborn, Family and Maternity photographer based in Nottingham. I am very passionate about creating beautiful memories for you to cherish for a lifetime.
As a teenager I was always the one who took all the family pictures and I remember how fascinated I was thinking how it’s possible to capture people, emotions, smiles, moments by tiny box. It never crossed my mind it will be something that I will do in the future. Life likes to surprise us and some years ago I have received a Christmas gift, and it happened to be my first Canon camera. After months of practice and hours spent on researching and learning I knew that photography is my passion and in 2014 I decided to become a professional photographer. Family, pregnancy and newborn photography are my favourite. I try to capture the look, touch, love, emotions. Everything that makes moments unique.

Each and every single moment of our lives is a gift.

The photos we choose to capture are for the generation to follow us. To tell our story. To share who we are. Who we were. It is to help them know where they are going because they know where they came from.

Ana Brandt